Love Because, Never Despite, Disability

Jessica Benham and husband, Karl, dancing in a four-plate image

There are few stories told in TV shows and movies about people like me in romantic relationships, and those stories that are told rarely paint being with someone like me as desirable. Me Before You is perhaps the most extreme depiction of this type, painting disability as a fate worse than death for a relationship. … Continue reading Love Because, Never Despite, Disability

Disability and Intersectionality: Not the “Default Disabled Person”

by Cori Frazer When I was initially asked to write about intersectionality in the context of disability, I was excited. Intersectional disability justice is incredibly important to me. But the more I thought about it, I wondered where I could add to the fantastic work of the queer black and brown disabled organizers who developed … Continue reading Disability and Intersectionality: Not the “Default Disabled Person”

Inclusion is Fantastic and…

As an individual with a significant physical disability, I was fully included in mainstream education classes, and I believe in the academic and social importance of the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). I graduated valedictorian from high school and went on to higher education; none of this would have been possible without full inclusion. And… Sometimes … Continue reading Inclusion is Fantastic and…